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A Note From Our Producer

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

It is many a late night beer and afternoon coffee before I decided to formalize what I did to support my musician friends. I worked for various events agencies for almost a decade before I conveniently fell into the local music scene.

Back then, I didn't find the need to pursue a more formal venture (read: because I was focused more on managing the bands I helmed and just enjoying myself with the music I found along the way. I never really imagined that I will pursue this line with such stable hands.

And here we are

A year-long Luzon Tour for Lovecore. Sharing live gig venues with over 50+ brother and sister bands!

Discovering Ysanygo and watching them slowly break into the local and international music scene.

PLUS one concert with an international headliner.

A lot has gone through that 365 days.

I've seen bands grow, gain followers, thank those that were there for them when they were starting. I've seen bands break up and continue in separate paths. I've seen the good side of things which goes to say that there is also a bad one.

Nonetheless, I am as surprised and as excited about the possibilities in front of me. All of which was worked hard for. In much some came from my events background, some from my client servicing one, and a lot from my media days for SPCI. At this point it just made sense to pursue what has grown to be a matter beyond myself that decided to steamroll into a new path that isn't as hurried-- to an unknown destination.

So as we celebrate our FIRST YEAR, we put up our own mark in the interwebz. I know that social media channels are more than enough to market ourselves as recognized entities, but I'm kinda old school.

(What says legit more than a permit and a website)

Thank you for being with us in our journey! And we do hope to bring unique perspectives into the table.