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Updated: May 29, 2018

Any Name's Okay at Nobody's Ready for the Feminine at Saguijo Cafe + Bar

Who do we love this month?

The band Any Name's Okay! We stumbled upon the troopers in one of the #Revolver Gigs at Saguijo Cafe + Bar at Guijo St. Makati.

What we love about them?

That they perform like a little ball of sunshine! The bubbly personality of vocalist, Sofia Abrogar, partnered with cutesy banter with the band's male vox, Renzo Lumanog is so adorable it makes you wanna go "aaawww". Their wide-eyed and plain happy disposition can be heard in how they play live.

Double that with brightly colored clothes that just POP! It feels like you're watching your favorite show when you were a kid and all the warm and fuzzy feeling trickles back into your heart.

What we know atm...

After a bit of digging (in their Facebook), we found out that they are members of UP Music Circle and have formed only last year. They are currently under Ria Red who also manages bands like Ben&ben and Hulyo. :)

(pretty good company over there)

Where to find them?

Check them out over their social media channels:





Their single "Clouds" is out now. Check it!

*minor edits were made upon band clarification :)