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There's a new Eheads Tribute Album!

A new Eraserheads tribute album is getting released tonight at 12AM on Spotify under Ditto Music, an aggregator that heavily supports independent musicians.

Pop Machine contains 12 tracks of reimagined Eraserhead songs by this generation's favorite up-and-coming bands. Releasing tracks until December, the first two to drop is Munimuni's cover of "Minsan" and Leanne&Narra's cover of "Alapaap". You can pre-save these tracks onto your playlist through Alapaap and Minsan.

A physical album and a limited vinyl will be released in 2020. Artworks created by Felix Taaka, who also created the Album Art for dreampop band Washington Drama Club's album Yada Yada Yada. Follow him on twitter.

Pop Machine follows 14 years after the first Eraserhead tribute album Ultraelectromagneticpop released in 2005.