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Indies on Loop for May 2019

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Pop Punk, a guilty pleasure genre that we all love to hate. It sounds so common with its pop vibes but a cleaner grit than punk. Its plain fun but angsty. A duality we all seem to keep in the inside of our bedrooms.

So following the FoBs and the 182s, here's our current list of indies that scale the spectrum of Pop Punk. Putting on some background music as we jump around the house doing some Spring cleaning.

WHO: Fall on Thursday

The Vans Philippines Musicians Wanted 2018 Grand Winner. Probs the best reason to have them here. But really it's the fact that they come from Tanay Rizal which is way off-way from Manila. To want to battle it out in the city is huge props!

WHAT: Beginning

(c) 2018 | Run Time: 3 minutes 3 sec

WHY: Beginning is fun to listen to. If you like pop punk, this song does not stray. ALSO, drums.

WHO: Common Traps

Pop Punk band from Laguna. Part of the Circle City Records Family where Ysanygo used to record. Birds of the same feather, and all that.

WHAT: Giving My All

(c) 2018 | Run Time: 3 minutes 22 sec

WHY: Giving My All. It's the end part that we really like. But there are drops in the middle that really took us for the ride all the way through.

WHO: False Contender

"Inspired by the daily struggles of life", says their bio. And as a person who trudges on a daily commute, we all should be inspired by the daily. Manila Pop Punk.

WHAT: Taking Your Side

(c) 2017 | Run Time: 3 minutes 18 sec

WHY: It opens with easy lead then builds in a snap. This music block is a favorite draw in pop punk. Fast guitars, fast drums. This is how you get Skinned Knees and Broken Bones.

WHO: Omelette Weekend

Quezon City boys and a lady.

WHAT: One Night Stand

(c) 2018 | Run Time: 4 minutes 24 sec

WHY: Strong opening riffs. And they have a girl drummer. Not to be sexist, but how many girl drummers do you hear play like that? Also the layered vocals is +++

WHO: 123 Pikit!

The sirs from Cavite. We've had them in one of our album tours in Laguna. And boy, do they bring the big stuff. Literally (amps, boxes, etc.)

WHAT: Swabe Maria

(c) 2017 | Run Time: 3 minutes 23 sec

WHY: The only tagalog pop punk song in this list. 123 Pikit! holds a dear place in our hearts for being a responsible pop punk band that teaches their fans to be responsible procreative beings. Minsan NSFW pero minsan wholesome din.

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Run time: 17 minutes