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Producer's Note: American Football

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

We started the year unsure if we were going to be able to bring a touring band to Manila. Right until Bandwagon Philippines sent us an invitation to co-produce.

Building a show from the ground up was a big leap from a music house with a readily available backline. It was a big risk for a two-year old touring company but here we are, with a hangover from a very successful show.

Milestones and memories left.

First sold out show.

First show to be built from the ground up.

First show with a full technical team.

Here's what we've learned:

1. You guys made it successful

Despite the rains, you still showed up for the show. And although it was an early concert, a lot already lined up at the doors before it opened. The energy was incredible.

2. Thanks to the team

The show is as good as the people behind it. Often it is overlooked how the production people behind the scenes is part of the show's successful run. From buying the ticket til the curtain call, these are made seamless by the people who do their job well and create this entire experience for you.

3. It was worth it

The decision to bring it to a bigger space was a hurdle we needed to jump over. And as any firsts are full of fear, we conquered. Every bit of chorus, that one selfie you took at the show, that tag of thanks, the reminiscing of moments that you loved, all of those make it worth it. It keeps us doing what we do.

4. It will always be for the fans

We are a boutique touring company that specialize in intimate shows. As long as you allow us, we will try to bring your favorite bands to Manila.



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